Ergonomyx - Smart under-the-desk Bike

Smart Under-the-Desk Bike

Studies show that people who exercise before and during work are happier, experience less stress, and are more productive.

Use our Smart Under-the-Desk Bike to enhance your working hours and achieve the following:

  • Burn calories - more than double the calories burned doing typical desk activities

  • Improve cognitive function - stimulate your brain’s problem-solving, decision-making, and creative abilities

  • Brighten your mood - release neurotransmitters that reduce depression, stress, and anxiety

  • Inhibit diabetic symptoms - reduce blood glucose levels to help avoid long-term complications for people with type 2 diabetes

  • Low impact - gentle on your joints (hips, knees, ankles)

lady using Ergonomyx Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk
lady using the Ergonomyx Smart Under-the-Desk Bike

The whole family can receive all of the same benefits when using the Under-the-Desk Bike at home. Optimize daily activities, such as reading, doing homework, watching television, and surfing the web. Multitasking also allows you to reduce the obligatory hours and dollars spent at the health club or the gym.

ergonomyx smart under the desk bike

Features and Benefits

  • Made of high quality, durable components

  • Smooth pedal motion

  • Low vibration

  • Adjustable magnetic resistance system

  • Precision-sealed bearings to reduce noise

  • Maintenance free

  • Adjustable height settings

  • Low impact - Gentle on your joints (hips, knees, ankles)

  • Go Green - 100% powered by the user

  • No batteries to replace or cables to stumble over

  • Foldable for easy storage


Track data across all devices

User performance data saved while using our Workspace Fitness Devices, including the Smart Under-the-Desk Bike, is uploaded to our Cloud Environment Services. Our dedicated software or other third-party software can access such data through cellphones, tablets, laptops or other smart devices.


The Smart Under-the-Desk Bike allows users to pedal while sitting at their desks and monitor their physical activity while working throughout the day. It features a lightweight design constructed of durable materials, and a Workspace Fitness Controller. The Smart Under-the-Desk Bike's portability and functionality enables compact transportation and facilitated mobility.

In combination with our Smart Sit and Stand Desk, this bike is the perfect addition to the office workplace, classroom, or home by combining fitness and health with daily work activities. It's unique features to support health and wellness and promote long-term use.

Unlike many work fitness devices on the market, our Smart Under-the-Desk Bike is made of high quality and durable components, preventing movement or vibration produced from pedaling. This device is 100% powered by the user. There are no batteries to replace or cables to trip over. It is also light, easy to carry and foldable for easy storage.


Smart Under-the-Desk Bike V1.0
108 cm (H) x 70 cm (W) x 52 cm (D)
Maximum Load
110 kg
802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN
Bluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
NFC 13.56 MHz

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