Ergonomyx - Cloud Environment Services

Software and Cloud Environment Services

ergonomyx cloud on multiple devices

The data collected by our Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk or by our Smart Under-the-Desk Bike can be shared among devices within the ecosystem. Once the user is identified by the Smart Desk Controller, data is transmitted to our cloud environment services to keep track of the user’s performance while operating our devices. Pairing with a smartphone, allows the user to control the device’s settings. The use of our Dedicated basic Software and Cloud Environment Services is free of charge.

Workspace Fitness Protocol


Ergonomyx is creating the first Office Furniture Automation Protocol, or Workspace Fitness® Device Protocol, and plans to introduce a standard once adoption of our products and services reaches a certain level.

Secure Anonymous Data


All performance and health data records are stored on our servers anonymously and Users are identified with a number. Users have the option to share their data through the use of an encrypted, correlated list of names and numbers stored on a separate server. All performance and health data records stored in our servers are anonymous. A number is what identifies our users. An encrypted co-related list of names and numbers, stored in a separate server, can be optionally used by the users to share their data if they ever desire to do so.