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greater optimism, and stronger motivation while working behind the desk.

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A new line of workspace fitness products specifically designed to encourage a healthier office lifestyle.


Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk

Ergonomically designed sit-and-stand workstation that connects to users' smartphones and automatically adjusts to each user's optimal height. Learn More.


Smart Under-the-Desk Bike

Stimulate both body and mind, turning office hours from passive downtime into a total body multitasking experience while tracking performance and health related data. Learn More.


The Ergonomyx™ App

The ergonomyx™ app allows users to seamlessly and wirelessly connect with Workspace Fitness® Devices, setup your preferences, track your fitness data and access it at any time. Just tap your phone to any Ergonomyx Workspace Fitness® device and take full control. Learn More.

What if you could optimize your time spent behind the desk to achieve higher performance, better health, greater optimism, and stronger motivation?

Our Workspace Fitness® Solution

In January of 2020, we will be launching a line of products under the Ergonomyx® brand that integrates the Workspace Fitness® concept. Our goal is to improve the way people work behind a desk.

Workspace Fitness® Devices stimulate both body and mind, turning office hours from passive downtime into a total body multitasking experience.

Users can program our Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk to log time spent at the desk in a sitting or standing position or using our Smart Under-the-Desk Bike. Results can be directly uploaded to a Fitbit® or similar fitness tracking solution.

Having the ability to monitor and preset their daily Workspace Fitness® activities motivates users to regularly take advantage of the features of the Workspace Fitness® Devices.

Research has proven that using the Smart Sit-and-Stand DESK in the “stand” position directly after lunch decreases the risk of high blood pressure.

Through the creation of our brand, Ergonomyx, we have created a new line of products specifically designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle within the workplace through the creation of Ergonomyx, our brand. This is our first step towards the introduction of a new concept called “workspace fitness”. In addition, we have created the fully adjustable Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk and a supporting line of accompanying peripherals to be used in conjunction with the desk. The workspace fitness solution is a new category of products available in the office furniture market, the fitness tracking market, the mobile electronics market, and the fitness equipment market.

What makes our Ergonomyx products unique is the addition of a Smart Desk Controller with the capability to communicate with peripheral devices, wearables, and smartphones.


Optimizes hours and days spent behind the desk

Research shows that exercising while using our Workspace Fitness® Solution improves users' health, energy level, and productivity. In addition, the benefits of exercising at work include weight loss and extending workers lifespans.

Energetic and healthier

Our solution helps achieve higher performance, better health, greater optimism, and stronger motivation. It also helps burn more calories while its use is considered a low impact activity.

Keeps workers active

Our revolutionary line of Workspace Fitness® Devices makes it easier than ever to get active in the office while remaining motivated. Our Smart Sit-and-Stand Desk keeps your body moving so you can keep your work flowing. Our Smart Under-the-Desk Bike promotes healthy exercise while working at your desk.

Improve office productivity!

Routine use of our Workspace Fitness Devices reduces workplace related Ergonomic Hazards. See Study.

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